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Space Saver Stairs - ideal for small or tight spaces

This range of self assembly staircases include both kit stairs fro mthe arke kit staircase range as well as our own custom made staircases. These stairs are ideal for as a loft stair, up to a mezzanine or split level bedroom but we have used them in offices, store rooms, garage conversions and even in boats....so there is no end to their appeal and usage. Some of them use an innovative paddled stair design whereby there is a designated left foot and right foot tread enabling the stair to fit into a much smaller space than a normal staircase would.

karina white kya1

Karina Staircase

Kya Staircase

Hampton Staircase

Louisa Staircase

Petite Spiral Stair

Petite Full [Desktop Resolution]

Vogue Spiral Stair

Fusion Spiral Stair



Hampton Spacesaver 1 Louisa Spacesaver 1 [Desktop Resolution]

Space Saving Linear & Spiral Staircases - At Affordable Prices