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'Prestige' Bespoke Spiral Staircase 020

This spiral staircase with its classical design can be customised to suit any application.

The treads and matching handrail can be made in oak, beech or iroko and stained to any colour from cherry to walnut, black etc...

The vertical spindles can either be in stainless steel or powder coated to any RAL colour of your choice.

The central column also can be a choice of stainless steel or a wood to match the treads and handrail.

Matching balustrade is available for the landing areas, whether straight circular or square.

The stairs comes in diameters as small as 100cm and up to and over 210cm so we are able to cope with any requirements.

The vertical balustrade gives this stair an eye catching look that would grace any grand design. As the stair is bespoke we sugest you call 0845 8903031 for details or our surveying and measuring service.

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Wood Colours - Any from natural beech, oak, wenge etc... to beech stained as oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany etc...Black , White or Silver

Steel Colours - Any Ral colour possible or Stainless Steel

Diameter range - From 100cm up to an over 210cm

Height range - adjustable to suit any height with the addition of extra treads

The price quoted below is for standard staircase of 100cm in diameter complete with 12 treads (the 12th being the top landing that can be used for any landing shape.)

PRICES FROM £3900 plus vat.

120cm from £4300 plus vat

130cm from £4600 plus vat

140cm from £4900 plus vat

150cm from £5400 plus vat

160cm from £5700 plus vat

170cm from £6100 plus vat

180cm from £6500 plus vat

200cm upwards price on application

Building Regulations Note

If you are required to conform with REGULATIONS you may need to add additional components so that the staircase is compliant.
For all of the stairs we advise that you buy the riser bar kit that fixes horizontally between the treads to close the gap to less than 100mm to conform to the BS5395 (ie. they prevent a sphere of 100mm passing through any open area on the stair)