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Glass Spiral Staircases

Glass staircases are one the most desirable features to grace any grand design project and are easliy our most talked about staircases. This glass tread stairs offers the ultimate in style and elegance combined with a stainless steel structure  We offer the stairs in the spiral staircase design as well as the linear option with straight flight options or turning staircases . On both options the horizontal sweeping balustrade gives this stair an eye catching look that would grace any grand design.





The ultimate in design. A glass spiral staircase is something to behold. We make both spiral and straight flight staircases with glass treads and stainless steel handrail, balustrades and strigners. The spiral stairs come in diameters 100cm up to and over 210cm with any height achievable. The straight flight and other stairs come in a number of tread widths and again can achieve any height.


Prices from :-


100cm Diameter £POA


110cm and 120cm Diameter £POA


130cm and 140cm Diameter £POA


150cm Diameter £POA


160cm Diameter £POA


170cm and 180cm  Diameter £POA


190cm, 200cm and 210cm Diameter £POA


We also offer matching balustrade that is charged per linear metre. This can be straight or circular.

High quality glass spiral staircases with stainless steel & glass straight flight stairs



For more conventional shapes the linear stairs cane straight flights, L shapes and U shapes with turning treads  .The stairs are custom made so we can accomodate any tread width and height. flight staircases with glass treads and stainless steel handrail, balustrades and strigners. Again these glass tread staircases offer the ultmate in style combining a stainless steel structure with the glass treads.


All prices £POA


Straight and circular balsutrade for the landings and openings are also available.

Glass circular opening Glass Circular balustrade

Interior Spiral Staircases - High Quality Stairs in Glass & Steel

020 Shattered glass staircase London Glass staircase opening