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 Genius Range of Spiral stairs & straight/linear staircases

This range of staircases bridge the gap between the budget entry level stairs and the bespoke stairs. The brilliant thing about the Genius rangeof stairs is that like kit staircases they are adjustable on site giving you the client a range of flexibility and delivery tends to be 3 to 4 weeks. But like the Bespoke stairs they are of a high quality with solid hardwood treads and handrails with a range of wood stains and steel colours including a NEW CHROME PAINT version. Pound for pound we think these stairs represent excellent value for money!!


Genius Spiral Stairs 020 Spindle Balustrade


Genius Spiral Stairs 010 Wire Balustrade

From £1967

From £1949

Genius stairs 017 [Desktop Resolution]

Genius Linear Stairs 020 Spindle Balustrade

Genius stairs 004 [Desktop Resolution]

Genius Linear Stairs 010 Wire Balustrade

From £2397

From £2468

Bronze and Dark 3
Bronze and Dark 2
Wire White and Light (2)
Chrome (2)
Wire White and Light (3)
Wire White and Cherry
Bronze and Dark

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