Staircases explained....some helpful information, we hope!

Hardwood Staircases, using denser hard wearing woods for longevity and higher quality


Oak staircases


Beech Staircases


Iroko Staircases

Spiral Staircases are often used to save space but ultimately are a design feature


Oak spiral staircases


Beech spiral staircases


Iroko spiral staircases

Space saver staircases are unique in their design with a shorter footprint than normal


Space saver stairs


Small spiral staircases


Loft staircases

Exterior Staircases can link roof gardens, terraces, out houses and decking projects.


Galvanised Spiral staircases


Galvanised straight staircases


Fire Escapes

Open tread Staircases can open up a room with light flowing through the open treads


Oak staircases


Beech Staircases


Iroko Staircases

Glass Staircases are simply the most stunning staircases you will ever see.


Glass spiral staircases


Stainless steel Staircases


Glass straight flight stairs

Closed riser Traditional Stairs offer a classical look that characterise most stair projects


Softwood stairs


Budget stairs


Closed and open stairs